What the heck is a weblog, anyway?

A weblog (or often just "blog" for short, as in the name of this site) is a frequently updated web page made up of typically short posts in reverse chronological order, usually with links to cool and interesting finds on the Net, or diary entries about someone's life, or often, a little of both.

For more information, see the essay weblogs: a history and perspective from Rebecca Blood, author of The Weblog Handbook; or Anatomy of a Weblog, by Cameron Barrett; or read what several webloggers had to say about blogging at

You can find more sex weblogs at Open Directory's Adult Journals category, which, I might add, has had the good taste to select as a Cool Site.

A lover of mine shyly introduced me to this toy years ago, as if I wouldn't be interested in seeing the toy that had finally taught her how to orgasm. Since then, I've bought these for lovers and friends; women who have trouble reaching orgasm think it's a godsend, and women who don't find this gives them harder, more intense orgasms than anything else. I've brought other toys into the bedroom, before and since, but this is the one I keep coming back to. -- Adam Selene

Hitachi Magic Wand, $50 at Babeland

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